Welcome to Victoriakliniken

At Victoriakliniken it is always our aim to create aesthetically beautiful and natural results based on your personal preconditions.
We offer a secure and harmonious environment for our patients in the beautiful old seaside hotel by Saltsjöbadens hospital, only 15 minutes from Stockholm City.

With 16 years of experience and thousands of operations behind him, Dr. charles Randquist is an internationally recognized expert, particularly in the area of breast augmentation surgery, and is much in demand for courses and lectures worldwide.

All operations and injection treatments are performed personally by Dr. Randquist. Therefore you are always in the most capable of hands when you come to Victoriakliniken.


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Charles Randquist

“Our ambition is to create a harmonious and proportionate beauty through exceptional competence, modern techniques and a feel for the esthetic.”

Dr. Charles Randquist

M.D., plastic surgeon.